Saturday, 6 March 2010

Michael cera being.... well michael cera

So I had to write a review for the new film 'Youth in Revolt' featuring Michael Cera. Hope you enjoy! (btw this is only half of it- i havent finished it yet! you'll get the jist of it though, just trying to work out my house style)

Arteta’s portrayal of a love sick teenager comes full circle in Revolt. The film journeys through the life of Nick Twisp, a character with whom many young people can associate with. What gives the film its original twist is the way in which Arteta takes and ordinary premise and develops into an entertaining and engaging film, with the charismatic Frenchman, Francois Dillinger. Adding to this Michael Cera’s performance as Twisp gives the film an indie vibe that Cera is well known for; his previous performances in Juno and Superbad give the film an automatic indication to the audience that this is a film showing what Cera does best. His sarcastic charm shines through in the film.

The interior monologue of Twist is the main guiding light through the narrative, until Dillinger appears and releases his inner madness. Francois is the love child of Twists loneliness and vivid imagination and, in a scene reminiscent of the Nutty Professor, Twist and Dillinger run riot in Berkley, eventually blowing half the street apart. The relationship that the two (or maybe one, depending how you look at it) characters seems to have is be strained at best, Twist gives the impression of not approving of his alter ego, even though he created him. This raises the question whether Dillinger is an alter ego, or just a psychiatrist’s wet dream.

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