Saturday, 6 March 2010

Eddie Riggs is Jack Black: Brutal Legend

Right so here we go, my first game review. I thought I'd start with Brutal Legend since its one of the easiest games i've ever played. The story is pretty basic: save a medieval rock world from an evil guy with a stupid haircut, while trying to get with your best friends Mrs (which happens pretty early on). The game does have some good cameos; Ozzy Osbourne appears and a heavy metal mechanic, and while the graphics are a tad shoddy, they work well enough with the voice acting.  The game play is pretty basic too. The game tries to introduce the idea of sending hoards of groupies and head bangers off to do your bidding, and while this is sometimes useful, it's far easier and saves a lot more time if you just run around and bash the crap out of anything that moves. The levels are pretty simple too, Brutal Legend tries to be a sandbox, but the world is far too small and there is nothing to do outside the main story apart from drive around in a super car and bash into goats. At the beginning of the game you're encouraged to go around and help people lost in the fields, but these side missions are so dull, you whizz through the story line at a ridiculous rate. It doesn't help that if you click the left trigger (xbox 360) your car moves so fast everything becomes a blur.
Jack Black has now be typecast as the 21st century rock clown, and nothing has changed in Brutal Legend, he pretty much plays the same character he did in School of Rock, but with a different name and a guitar that kills fairly weak enemies with a lightning bolt. When the game opens, it feels more like a scene from Pick of Destiny than a game. Overall Brutal Legend has a lacklustre appeal, a shame since Tim Schafer has had great success with previous games, most notably the fun point and click game Secret of Monkey Island

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